Build a Private Innovation Library to Collect, Organize, Search and Get More From Your Company's and Its Suppliers' Innovations
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InnoEngines is a web-based innovation platform to grow and manage your company's innovation pipeline, reduce costs and speed time to market
InnoEngines is your Innovation Knowledgebase
InnoEngine's applications were developed by innovation professionals for innovation professionals. We help your company use innovation management to find inspiration and solutions to innovation challenges.
InnoEngines low-cost web-based applications
can make your company more innovative
We offer standard and customized innovation management software, strategies and solutions for enterprises. Companies choose InnoEngines to improve innovation processes, reduce the cost of new product development, and speed time to market.
React Faster to Your Innovation Challenges
Search and discover how the innovations your company already has, as well as those from your company's suppliers, consultants and vendors, can rapidly address new innovation challenges.
Collaborate and Share to Improve the Ideas Your Company Already Has
InnoEngines helps your company capture, document and discover new ideas and innovations. Create, share and manage presentations quickly and without any busywork.
Work With Your Company's Innovation Process
Our customers have become long-term users of InnoEngines because it is a tool they use and rely on. InnoEngines is easily configured to work with all your existing innovation process and across multiple departments.
Speed Time to Market and Save Time Every Day
InnoEngines helps accelerate the innovation process. Stay organized with our content-based structure and visual interface. Use InnoEngines's powerful search tools to quickly find exactly what you're looking for.
Solve Innovation Challenges Faster and at Lower Cost
Competitive companies know they need to find new and better ways to grow their business while managing expenses. InnoEngines makes it easy for your teams to discover new opportunities from past projects, throughout your company, and your entire network of innovation suppliers. Because InnoEngines is easily customized, it works seamlessly with your existing innovation processes. Use InnoEngines for innovation knowledge management by tracking patents and intellectual property, collecting competitive intelligence and organizing research. InnoEngines reduces your need for outside consultants, lowering the cost of new product development and speeding time to market.
Eliminate the Need To Have the Right Innovation at the Right Time
InnoEngines can catalogs and organize all of your company's innovation concepts, making them easily searchable for use in the future. Capture and describe all the ideas your innovation team generates in order to keep creative solutions available at all times. Get more from your innovation efforts by getting more from the innovations your company already has.
Expand Your Innovation Network to Include Your Suppliers
Suppliers who use InnoEngines can enable your company to privately search, explore and evaluate their product and innovation libraries at anytime. InnoEngines is the leading tool for growing your innovation library. It helps you have the right idea, at the right time, right at your fingertips.
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